Stewards or Marauders?

Stewards or Marauders?

A species charged with guiding and protecting the whole of us, cannot destroy even a tiny part of the whole. If one believes God set humans over all other creatures; if we really are the culmination of His creation, we would hope one believes He did this for us to be partners with Him in maintaining the beauty and preciousness of life. Having dominion would not give us the right of whimsical and self serving use.

A strong case can be made that the human species is ill-equipped, even wrong for the job of caretakers or stewards. This job description implies we know what is best for the planet and its inhabitants. Certainly past performance could suggest we do not. We would assert it’s an obvious fact though, as poor a job as we have done, we are the least ill-equipped of all the species currently inhabiting the planet. The job of steward falls to us by default if by no other authority. I believe God wants us to get better at the job, discovering through science more about the ways the world works, not to better harvest its fruits, but to better care for it, and tend its health.

Our challenge in the next 1000 years is to come into a larger understanding of our role as caretakers and stewards. To learn how to live on Earth in ways that do not preclude every other species existence. We simply need to take up less space, and learn to use the space more wisely and efficiently. A bird has a right to nest in the tree, but not to kill the forest with its nesting.

We have to set limits for ourselves and exercise restraint in all ways we use Earth. For all the tumult nature brings, God, shows us such breathtaking beauty. That beauty is one way to look upon the face of God. God wants us to enjoy and appreciate all his creation. And more than anything that means living on Earth gently with reverence, awe and respect. God of course, is the ultimate environmentalist. He created it all – We believe He wants to see it protected

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