Participate in our “Letter to Y3K”

Participate in our
“Letter to Y3K”

If a human generation lasts approximately twenty years, then about fifty human generations comprise one thousand years. If you could write a letter to humanity at the turn of the next millennium, what would you say?   Well, this may be the simplest way to explain what this web site seeks to accomplish.  Write down anything at all you, as a member of the first generation of the 3rd Millennium AD would say to the last generation.  Would you apologize for things humanity is doing now?  What would you hope they will have fixed?  What would you hope they would have preserved? How would you hope they treat themselves? The Earth?  How would you like them to think of us?  How do you think humanity’s future looks to you?

Send in your thoughts, a favorite quote or prayer, whatever you’d like to include as part of our generation’s “Letter to Y3K”:

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    If you have found this site helpful in any way, spend some quiet time reflecting on these issues and do two things. Send us the results of your prayer through the response form above. We will post any response on the site for as long as practical to the extent it adheres to our submissions policy.

    Then we simply encourage you to use the best aspects of your faith to do the most good in your individual context whatever that may be.
    We are firm believers in the old saying “Think globally, act locally.”

    Also, please help spread the word about this site.

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