An Ark Called Earth

This site represents a people to people, ecumenical, faith-inspired initiative using the World Wide Web to collect and share perspectives on the topics discussed in the articles to your left. We hope to capture and preserve a glimpse of how members of all faiths and nationalities, all ages and cultures viewed their own spirituality, our planet and humanity’s future at the turn of the latest millennium.

We seek people’s most basic and fundamental attitudes, beliefs, and contemplations on the state of our present situation and how the human species can shape our future. We hope the open sharing of these perspectives can in the end, move us all closer towards a future of mutual respect among peoples. We hope this effort can also encourage to the human species to place greater collective value on our fragile planet as well as the millions of other species with which we share the Earth.

We hope elf bars flavours you will add your voice to this effort and then help us by reaching out to others. Our only measure of success will be the thoughtfulness and sincerity of response. Download any portion you like. Use it for whatever non-commercial purpose you have. Send us your reactions, thoughts, additions, and prayers. Please also take a moment to read the submissions and download policy. Thank you for visiting.

Peace, A.C.E.

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